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To: BioInformatics Interns
From: Internship Coordinator
Subject: Welcome
Attachment: Press Release


influenza virions


A transmission electron micrograph showing several influenza virions.

Image obtained from the public health image library at the Center for Disease Control.

CDC/ Dr. F. A. Murphy


Welcome to the Bioinformatics Intern Program (BIP). As you know the National Institutes of Health is launching a national consortium that will transform how clinical and translational research is conducted (see attached Press Release). This program is designed to enable researchers to provide new treatments more effectively and quickly to patients.

This consortium will begin with 12 University-based Health Centers. As bioinformatics research interns representing these centers, you will participate in guided research activities that will show you how to utilize the National Center for Biological Information (NCBI) databases and others to do research using a pharmacogenomics approach. In addition, in the context of your research, you will develop presentations and recommendations for relevant research.

 We are hoping you will take away from these tasks the following skills to apply to the various areas of research at your respective Health Centers:

  • Be proficient in collecting and organizing bioinformatics data.
  • Develop core bio-informatics skills to download and compare sequences.
  • Be able to download, render, and model protein structures
  • Use bioinformatics databases, tools and methods to make inferences about function.
  • Perform sequence analysis using a variety of tools and approaches
  • Prepare a multi-sequence data set for use in alignments and phylogeny studies.
  • Learn how to make a phylogenetic tree.
  • Be able to make professional level presentations based on evidence.

Should you participate in the final major training session, you will have the opportunity to apply the experience and skills you acquired in the first tasks.  Working in teams, you will use the bioinformatics databases, tools, and methods to ultimately research the potential of an Avian Influenza outbreak (potential pandemic) and prepare an assessment.  Of course, you will present your findings.

For each Task there is an Action Plan on the Requirements page that you should become familiar with before starting the assignment.

How to approach each task

  • Review the Orientation section of this site
  • Read the emails from the internship coordinator and any attachments.
  • Follow the instructions in the Requirements.

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