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From: President & CEO
Subject: Welcome
Attachment(s): Executive Summary ; Meeting Notes

I'm pleased to welcome the new members of the IT Security team.Digital imagescrossed by yellow police line tape As you all know, we've been expanding rapidly (with a buy-out of a rival in Chicago on the horizon) and we have some backlog to catch up on these days.

Before New York and Dallas opened,it was just five of us here in Cupertino, and the network was easy enough to run without formal protocols. Now, with 85 employees, we need to take a good, critical look at our security. C-Bay has a lot of customer and in-house data to protect. Our reputation and continued succeess depend on guaranteeing reliable, secure transactions for our customers. We are responsible for the security of personal financial data for thousands of individuals throughout the world. Your job is to keep that data and the data within our company private yet accessible to authorized users.

Read the attached Executive Summary to become familiar with our issues and needs. I've also released Meeting Notes from a discussion I had with department heads about security for your review.

Before you begin work, visit the Orientation to learn how to succeed here at C-Bay. You will be working in teams throughout your time here at C-Bay, so take the time to learn how to do it the right way-- the C-Bay Way.

  • Explore Working with Tasks to better understand why and how we define and solve problems using tasks.
  • Work your way through the information in Working in Teams to get your team off to a better start.
  • New materials is added to the Orientation section as needed so plan to check back each week.

Your manager will assign specific Tasks & Assignments for your teams to complete. Follow the task link on the left to discover the details of the tasks. Be certain to review the the Requirements section for each task or subtask before you embark on your solution.

Our new corporate librarian has gathered Resources for you and your team to reference as you complete the Tasks assigned. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please email them to your manager for consideration.

After you have completed each task, review Debrief questions to confirm your learning and understanding of the task.

Welcome aboard!


The big lie of computer security is that security improves by imposing complex passwords on users. In real life, people write down anything they can't remember. Security is increased by designing for the way humans actually behave.
Jakob Nielsen



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