cartoonish teacher working at computer Workshop: Create a Scenario

Welcome to our Workshop: Create a Scenario!

4 toy figures with hardhats, work overalls, and yellow vests

Welcome to the Create a Scenario professional development workshop. We are excited to help you develop a new scenario in your area of expertise!

We are under a tight deadline, and all the materials you develop must be detailed enough for yourself or for another instructor to deliver to classrooms of students. But you have a lot of freedom here to design your scenario in the most authentic and educational way possible.

In our experience developing and working with scenarios, we have discovered three critical ingredients in successful scenario building:

  1. Local industry is involved early and often. This ensures the authenticity and applicability of your new scenario. It also lends credibility to your course, because the students will more easily accept its relevance to their professional lives.
  2. Student learning outcomes are clearly communicated from the start in order to ensure the validity of your scenario. You can then develop assessments that determine if these learning outcomes are met by the students participating in your scenario.
  3. Peer review is extremely valuable. That is why we are asking you to stay within the schedule, and review someone else’s work each time you submit a task.

We have developed five tasks that lead you through a process, incorporating those important elements at each point. So if you complete the five tasks, you will end up with a relevant scenario for your class.