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To: Environmental Activist Team
From: Director, GreenHealth
Subject: Welcome!

I’m pleased to welcome the new members to our activist team.

We’re very excited to have reached a funding level that allows us to hire a team of specialists. In your first months here, we will have you doing some of the research and investigation that is vital to work we do. These assignments may take you out of your comfort zone and push yourself to think in new ways. However, we are certain that the excitement of solving real-world situations will more than make up for the difficulties you might encounter. You’ll get lots of support from your project manager until you really are experts in what is happening in the region – and beyond.

Your role includes research, interaction with the community and providing your research and insights to the senior media and advocacy teams. We will be getting visibility for the many issues that are impacting the environment.   This visibility includes presentations, articles and exposure on local cable TV stations. The preferred approached has been to make stories personal, focusing on how the environmental issue is impacting the average person and the writer in particular. You will be working with a team to research, present findings and pitch themes that you think should become the focus of GreenHealth’s work.

We expect each of you to make a significant contribution to the body of knowledge around environmental health. GreenHealth is developing a reputation for excellence, relevant public information and enlightenment – you will be a big part of that.  

About Green Health

GreenHealth is an environmental activist organization funded by private foundations to bring attention to the environment and its relationship to the health of individuals and communities.

The mission of GreenHealth is:

  • To explore issues of environment, as they relate to public policy, education and social welfare;
  • To inform, challenge, and ultimately engage a responsive citizenry;
  • To encourage full and meaningful debate and participation across the political, social, and economic spectrum;
  • To use coordinated multi-media projects to enlighten, educate and empower those members of our society who seek to change their lives and their communities.
  • To press for enactment of legislation on the local, state and federal level that ensures social justice for all citizens.

Before your begin

It is imperative to stay in close contact with your project manager. Before you begin work, visit the Orientation to learn how to succeed here at GreenHealth. You will be working in individual projects and in teams throughout your affiliation with GreenHealth, so take the time to learn what works.

  • Explore Working with Tasks to better understand why and how we define and solve problems and tasks.
  • Work your way through the information in Working in Teams to get your team off to a better start.

Your project manager will assign specific Tasks & Assignments for you or your team to complete. Follow the appropriate task link on the left to discover the details of the tasks. Be certain to review the Requirements section for each task or subtask before you embark on your solution.

Our research assistant has gathered Resources for you to reference as you complete the Tasks assigned. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please post them to the Discussion area of your project website or email them to your manager.

After you have completed each task, reviewthe Debrief questions to confirm your learning and understanding of the task.

Welcome aboard!

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