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Orientation—Working in Teams



To: Engineering Interns Team
From: Director, Training and Human Resources
Subject: Teamwork Tips

Teamwork Tips

Teamwork is important to our success. Before your team begins meeting, and whenever you encounter problems within your team, review these resources on how to improve your team skills.

The Dysfunctional Team Meeting (pdf) Your Manager will ask you to work through this exercise as part of your orientation or ask team leaders to run the exercise themselves.

Surviving the Group Project: A Note on Working On Teams (html) is an excellent resource on the why, how , and "heads up" of teamwork. Although written for an academic audience, it contains research focused on corporate teams. Check out the Sources section for additional reading.

Fastfacts: Collaborative Group Work (html) provides a practical approach with solutions to challenges commonly encountered by teams.

To improve the effectiveness and quality of your team's work, adopt suggestions from the Meeting Resource Center at Project managers should review the site's Meeting Dilemmas Solved for suggestions on how to organize, schedule, and conduct an effective meeting.

If you need additional assistance with resolving team conflicts, consult with your manager for guidance.


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